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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Paddling in December

Porter's Chapel to Adams                                          11.5 miles              1210.0 total
3 hours 6 minutes
Avg Speed 3.7, Max Speed 14.1 mph
Put in at 10:51

There's a brand new put-in at Porter's Chapel.  Saw an eagle today.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Elk River with the Boys

Elk River                                                            14 miles            1198.5 total
Me, Scotty, Ethan, Richie
3 hours 23 minutes moving time
Avg Speed 4.1mph, Max Speed 14.1 mph

We decided to meet Ethan and Richie for the weekend.  We drove down to paddle on the Elk on Saturday.  We got a late start - due to one person not understanding the meeting time?  Kids!  It was 14 miles, but didn't seem like 14 miles as we did have a good current.  It was fun having the boys paddle with us.  We set up camp that night and had a good dinner.  All slept well.  We had another good meal for breakfast and left that afternoon.  Our times with our kids are always cherished!

That's a big beaver at the top!

Signs of fall approaching.