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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Piney River - TWO TimesL

Piney River                                                                           9.6 miles            1068.4 total

We joined up with the LOL paddle group and there were only 5 of us total.  Great weather and great flow to the river.  We enjoyed the first paddle so much and finished in great time so we decided to do it again!!  The second time was just as much fun.  I think we were all very tempted to do the river a third time, but by then there were too many people on the river so we called it a day.  There's a first for everything and today was a first - we did a river twice!

Water Level 5.0 feet

Lap 1 - 4.8 miles, 1:22, Avg Speed 3.5 mph, Max Speed 9.4 mph

Lap 2 - 4.8 miles, 1 hour 18 minutes, Avg Speed 3.7 mph, Max Speed 8.9 mph

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Red River with the Fam

Red River                                                      8 miles                              1058.8

Temp - High 70s, Paddling Time 2 1/2 hours, 1/2 hr. lunchbreak, Avg Speed 3.8 mph, Max 8.9       

After a wine sampling for Tax Day at Beechhaven, we headed over to the Red River with 2 cases of wine - 1 chilled, open bottle for our lunch.  We rented a canoe at Red River and Scotty and I took the canoe.  With the 3 kids along, the day could not be any more perfect!
We had a lunch break half-way through and enjoyed our wine and sandwiches.