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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Yellow Creek (aka Yellow River today.....)

Yellow Creek                                                     7 miles                             1075.4 total
Temperature 77degrees, Put in at1:50, Paddled 2:57, Total Time 3:17
Avg Speed 2.4 mph, Max Speed 6.0 mph

We had the afternoon free and wanted to do a short paddle so over to Yellow Creek.  Many of the rivers here and in other states are at flood stage and dangerous.  The advantage to Yellow Creek is that it does not have a strong current and it's a small creek, not a river.  Typically it's a small creek - today it looked like a river!  We had to paddle across the Cumberland and it was like playing Frogger as we avoided many logs floating down river.  Once we got into the creek, we could definitely tell the difference.  It was so much wider than usual and the water covered tree trunks letting just the foliage of trees appear above the water.  On a typical day, we might pass a few fishermen in small boats or canoes.  Today, we passed a few fishermen and some other kayakers.  We have never seen kayakers on this creek in the past!  About a mile up from the Cumberland is a small inlet with a huge beaver dam at the entrance.  No beaver dam today, but we did see plenty of sticks floating around in the inlet.  The last time Scotty and Dick paddled this creek, they came across a huge tree and that was where they ended their trip.  Today, we could see that tree at least 3 feet underneath our kayaks.  Today - Yellow Creek with blue skies, white clouds and happy paddlers!

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