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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Red River - Tubes Everywhere

Red River                                                       11.6 miles                     1146.8 total
Me, Beatrix, Kevin
Water level - 4.6, Temperature in 80s, Little Humidity, 10:35-2:30

I convinced Beatrix that 4.6 would be good enough to paddle.  It was low in some places and we had to scoot across a few rocky bottoms, but never had to get out and pull our kayaks.  The water had a slow flow.  But, that was all made up by the beautiful weather and again, good conversation.  We were also able to park one truck at the new TWRA parking lot at Porter's Chapel.  It's a large lot and there's a large paved road down into the river.  Great - Clarksville needs more good put-ins!  The thing that made today stand out was the amazing number of tubes on the river today.  With the slow flow today, we figured that many of these paddlers would be on the river for a LONG time.  But, we all had the same idea - enjoy a perfect day!