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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Red River

Red River                                                         11.6 miles              1184.5 total
Moving Time 3:05
Average Speed 3.8mph, Max Speed 7.6 mph

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Chasing Dolphins at Mackays Creek

Mackays Creek                                                   2.8 miles                  1172.9 total
Avg 2.3 mh, max 8.5
1 hour 14 minutes moving time
Temp started at 77, rose to 87
Put in at C.c. Haig Boat Ramp

 We put in at the boat ramp at Mackays Creek and paddled towards Pinckney Wildlife Refuge.  We had the wind against us and we were paddling into the current. After five minutes I was done ha ha. Scotty wouldn't let me so we paddled Past the marshland.  Like the past two days we saw lots of oyster shells in front of the grass. This time we paddled up closer to the grass and made a video recording of the popping noises. We got home later in research this to find out the noises were caused by snapping shrimp. They have 1 claw bigger than another and  somehow snap their claw. The shrimp are about an inch long and the noises they make are unbelievably loud for such a small size.   The water is murky and so it's hard to see Fish although Scotty did say he said one large jellyfish.,  and plenty of little white birds in the marshes. We passed several motor boats on this creek and one loan kayaker which was way across the creek. After about an hour of paddling we turned around and Scotty yelled dolphin.  I had really hoped that we would see dolphins well look kayaking my wish was granted. We spent about 15 minutes chasing the Dolphins as they were chasing the fish underneath the water. We took lots and lots of pictures and  got about three fuzzy pictures.  We finally headed back to the boat ramp deciding it was a good way to end our kayaking adventure in Hilton head.

Very cool reflections of the sun on the beach.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Broad River - Crossland Boat Ramp

Broad River Put in and take out at Crossland Boat Ramp                  6.1 miles          1170.1 Total
Temp started at 77 degrees (9:05) and rose to 86 degrees
Avg Speed 2.6, Max Speed 5.6 mph
2 hours 21 minutes

 Today we were smart and paddled with the tides. When the tide was low we put in and paddle out towards the river which meant the current took us out. Along the way we saw some large beautiful homes but the best thing I've seen two manatees. Then as we got farther out  we saw some post and they're sitting on one post was a bald eagle. But as we got closer it flew away and we were able to see it sore into a Pinetree. It was on this island that we had stopped. I  immediately sunk into some Muck some quicksand like muck.   I was really afraid that I would lose my shoes, but pulled those out and then  scotty helped pull me out and I need it to some harder ground.  We walked along the island collecting some shells. The island was pretty amazing it was just a mass of Oyster shells, some conch shells and scallop shells.  We got back into our kayaks with the intention of paddling around the whole island. But the current against us was rather strong and we decided to head back. On the way back we stopped at a point on one island and had our lunch. Note we had bought some peaches from Kroger and they were the best teachers ever.   We finished lunch and continued our trek back to the put in. With the wind at our back in the high tide leaving us alone it was a wonderful trip back.

Dinner that night was excellent! We ate at a restaurant in downtown Hilton Head.  (Now I forget the name!!)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Broad Creek - Those Aren't Plants

Broad River                                                         4.5 miles                     1164 total
1:44 minutes, Avg Speed - 2.6 mph
Blue Skies, 88 degrees                      
Put in and take out by Old Oystet Factory

Hurricane Irma hit Florida and a lot of the eastern shore.  Our condo was closed and we didn't think we'd be able to go.  I even called RCI asking if they could let some of the displaced people stay in our unit since the island was closed to outsiders.  That wasn't possible and the person said she'd never been asked that before.  Anyway, the day before we were to leave, we got a call saying the resort was open and so we drove over.  That night we checked into a beautiful unit and walked across the street to the Sea Shack restaurant.  A lot of the locals go here, and apparently there is always a line, except for tonight - after a hurricane.  The dinner was fantastic!!

There's a very nice ramp my old oyster factory a long gravel road. This was I put in and I put out for the day. We paddled against the current and into the wind up towards the bridge. It was tough paddling but we managed to go 2.2 miles  passed by marshes and some interesting looking plants grey cactus looking plants. But as we have a long Scotty went over to touch one of the plants discovered that they were in fact oyster shells. We were surrounded by dried up Mac covered oyster beds.  The homes among the river were huge and then he had a company huge pants.and we actually discovered when we got back that we had passed by the Disney vacation club. We found a gravel bar and stopped for peanut butter sandwiches.  We paddled just a bit farther before turning around. The way back was wonderful and much easier paddle with the wind behind us and going with the cart. It was also fun to see the seagulls floating beside us also enjoying the ride.