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Monday, June 24, 2013

West Fork River 5/27/13                        Miles Traveled 10 miles, Total 60.1
Barkers Mill to Billy Dunlop
Julie & Ethan, 11:30-2:00, Average Speed 3.82 mph, Sunny 75degrees

We looked down the steep embankment under the bridge in dismay.  It was very steep here, had many rocks and lots of brush.  We weren't sure why Blueway Adventures was advertising this route.  I saw a woman out in her yard.  Her property was right there by the bridge and I went to talk with her.  Her name was Victoria and she was very nice and friendly, but obviously perturbed by Blueway Adventures Group.  Apparently they are dropping people off here taking them down the bank and she didn't feel it was safe.  She said she's seen many people overturn their boats right from the start.  She was very gracious to us and allowed Scotty to drive the truck down her property to drop off our boats.   She said the property here had been in her family for hundreds of years.  The old mill wheel was there in her yard.  There was a pretty red building which she said had once been a general store.  She told us she appreciated us asking to let in.  She was going to be contacting a lawyer the next day about Blueway Adventures.  It will be interesting to see how that relationship continues.

Very soon after we had put into the water, Ethan knocked his water bottle into the water.  I was behind him and said I'd get it.  I started to turn my boat and knocked MY water bottle into the water.  Ethan had also started to paddle back and rescued both.  Thank goodness, it would have been a long trip without water.  We learned NOT to put our water bottles up on the dashboard anymore.  It was a wonderful day of paddling.  It was fun to see all of the sitting areas that homeowners had arranged overlooking the river.

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