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Monday, June 24, 2013

Harpeth River 1/19/13

January 19, 2013                   Miles Traveled 7.5 miles, Total 11.5
Harpeth River:  Highway 70 to Harris Street Bridge
12:00 to 2:15, 2 hours 15 minutes
w/ Dick

This was a GREAT day.  It had rained a lot in the days before so the water was high.  At the bend, the water was so high that we couldn't see the rocks.  On previous treks down this river we could see the rocks here.  The water was choppy in 2 places.  The river had a good current and we traveled at a fast speed.  We loved it!!
(Side note - Dick went back to this river a week or 2 later and talked with a ranger there.  The official couldn't believe we had gone down the river after that rain.  He didn't think it was safe!)

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