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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Drakes Creek, Ky  7/13/2013                       Miles Traveled 10.5,  Total 119.8
Drakes Creek w/ Bowling Green Kayak Group (Dick, Erika, Ann, etc, 23 total)
10:00-1:45, Sunny/Sometimes Cloudy, 84 degrees

Another great weather day for kayaking.  There were about 23 of us paddling, one that was a stand up paddler who paddled a total of 22 miles.  We stopped about halfway at a bridge.  When I walked down the small rock embankment into the water, I stepped into a hole and down I went getting soaking wet!  The hazards of kayaking - getting wet!  As I paddled downstream, I was reaching behind in my kayak to arrange my shorts on the back to dry, and my seat strap broke.  :(  Dick and Dwayne managed to tie a rope behind my seat to support it the rest of the way.  This will be the second time my seat broke, but this is an easy fix.  It appears that once again, the rivet was not entirely secure on the strap.  We saw two boxers on the river that barked and barked at us.  They were nice looking healthy dogs with no collars - so who knows where they came from!  Really, really cool was when we saw an owl in the tree.  It sat very prim and proper for pictures until my yak knocked into Dwayne's kayak and the noise scared him off.

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