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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cumberland River Rally on the River

Cumberland River Rally 8/24/13                Miles Traveled 5,  Total 169.6
Put in at Clarksville Conservation Club, Take out at Clarksville Marina
Me, Scotty, Rachel, Beatrix

This was Clarksville's first Cumberland River Rally.  We met early - at 6:00.  It was way too early!  We met at the fairgrounds and then a bus took us over to the conservation club.  There was still a slight fog on the river.  We were the first heat and all kayaks were finished by 9:00 and the events at the marina didn't start until 11:00.  We were put into groups by how we registered.  Scotty, Beatrix and I were in the first group - of advanced!  :)  We all paddled hard.    There were a variety of kayaks in our heat.  There was one long, racing kayak that took off from the rest of us very quickly.  There were 2 people in an old canoe.  There was one guy in a kayak that also had foot pedals and had a fishing pole in the water.  Towards the end, the sneaky guy started peddling like crazy and came in as one of the first.  It was really fun - to be in a race, and to be in Clarksville's first rally.  Scotty and Beatrix did really well, I did okay.  Rachel paddled in a youth heat and came in first.  Afterwards we went over to the booths around the marina.  We tried the stand up paddling boards and viewed the exhibits.  Nothing spectacular caught our eye, but it was a fun first event.

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