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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Red River - Start of Summer - May 29, 2014

Red River, May 29, 2014                     Miles Traveled 7, Total 293 miles
Rachel, Beatrix, me
Port Royal to Adams
2 hours 12 minutes

It was the first day of my summer break and a great way to start it.  It was a hot, humid day - 30% rain forecasted, but it never did rain.   We paddled/floated and passed very few people which is unusual on this river (but it was a weekday).  We did see a brown, striped snake within the first mile.  That's the first time I had seen a snake while kayaking.  It freaked us out - thinking that there might be other snakes.   One thing I should note after seeing the photos.  Rachel apparently had fun taking selfies!
Afterwards, Rachel and I stopped at a strawberry patch to pick strawberries.   Yum!

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