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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Flint River -Visit with Ethan - April18, 2015

Flint River                                                                              14.6 miles     549.8 total
Me, Scotty, Ethan
Average Speed 4.2mph, Max Speed 9.2 mph, 3:28 traveling speed

We traveled down to see Ethan, and brought our kayaks.  We stayed with my cousin Jim and his wife, Karen, and this river is close to their house.   We put in at 9:50.  There had been a lot of rain earlier in the week and the river was a bit high, but not at a dangerous point.  The river had a very nice flow.  Because it was high, there weren't very many places to pull over.  We found a nice place for lunch.  It was soon after lunch the we saw a man fishing and what appeared to be a small waterfall.  I went first and he pointed to a place I could go over.  I made it - barely.  Ethan followed and flipped, and then Scotty came along and flipped.  The waterfall was probably less than 2 feet high, but they both said the water was over their head.

This cat was watching us from a ledge up above the river.

Beautiful spring blossoms along the shore.

Do you see the wisteria trees?

See the 'huge' waterfall behind them?  That's where they flipped.

Even after they flipped, this guy just kept on fishing.

HONK!  HONK!  She made sure we stayed away from her nest.

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