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Sunday, July 12, 2015

7-13 Kayak West Thumb Basin

West Thumb Geysers                                       3 miles total                          611 Total
The day had warmed up so we headed over to West Thumb Basin, part of Yellowstone Lake.  This is one part of our trip that I was really looking forward to.  We were able to put our kayaks in at the Grant Canyon marina.   The water in this lake is really cold.  A person may survive only 20 minutes if they were to capsize.  That was enough to convince me to paddle close enough to shore that I could swim if I had to.

As we got closer to the geysers, we could feel the water was much warmer.  I wouldn't want to put my hand directly over the geyser - the water away from it was warm enough.  As we paddled past the boardwalk, people were waving at us and we waved back.  We also realized we were now the subject of many photographs.    I wonder if we'll end up in any photo books or on anybody's FB page?

Yellowstone Lake is huge.  It is the largest fresh water lake above 7000 feet.  It is 7732 feet above sea level and has 110 miles of shore line.  We decided not to do it all this day :)

It seemed funny to see these sweet little flowers growing out of the geyser rock.

The flowers along the shoreline were beautiful!

Can you see me?

Loved the calm water here making beautiful reflections!

The sky got dark and storm clouds rolled in, but we made it back
without getting caught in a storm!

We saw this guy when we got back to our campground.

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