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Sunday, July 12, 2015

7-12 Yellowstone Entrance, Bison & More

Yellowstone, East Entrance, Bison & Mud Volcano/Sulphor Caldron/Artist Point

We drove from Cody to Yellowstone entering through the Eastern Visitors Center.  The ride was definitely more fun with the book that Helen had sent us.  We were able to locate and identify many of the natural landmarks.  I took some photos of the sites listed in the guidebook.
We did a few geocaches along the way.  This was in Cody.

The drive into Yellowstone and then obviously Yellowstone is just gorgeous.  There are stunning views everywhere.  It was neat seeing all of the ranches thinking that there are really cowboys and ranch hands in this country.  We drove past Yellowstone Lake which is enormous and we saw whitecaps in the lake.  We passed several bison in the woods.

We headed north and stopped at Mud Volcano.  There was a bison right there under the boardwalk trail and lots of people photographing him.

We walked around and saw Dragon Cave where the geyser bubbles up and spits out steam as if out of a dragons mouth.  As we returned to the car, the bison walked up onto the boardwalk and over it.  Scary, as we've read that they can charge people and seriously injure them.  We stopped on the other side of the road and saw Sulphur Caldron.  The smell permeates the air and it's cool to see the ground bubbling.  The areas are blocked off.  Apparently people have been scalded to death and some seriously burned.

Mud Volcano

Dragon's Cave

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