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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Merritt Mill Pond - Before a cold night of camping

 4 miles, 1:42                                                                     4 miles.     985 total miles
Avg Speed 2.4 mph .
Temperature 68° a bit overcast

 We sit out onto the lake from a public boat launch. We paddled 2 miles up through many many cypress trees. At the end there  was a park and be Dr. boats and walked around on land for a little while. There were many scuba divers going down into the cave into the springs.  The one thing that surprises on the way back we're too big splashes that occurred in front of my boat. We never did see what it was maybe an alligator maybe a vanity or maybe just a big turtle.  We camped at O'Leno State Park and it was cold, cold, cold!  The last photo shows my camping joy!

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