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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Drakes Creek - Strainer Fun

Drakes Creek                                                             10.3 miles                    1029 total miles

3:30 time, 3.0 mph - average speed, 6.7 mph - maximum speed
with Bowling Group
64-68degrees, cloudy & overcast skies

There were 16 of us that all had the same idea - get out and enjoy the day!  Although it was overcast, it wasn't cold for an early February day.  The water level was at 7.5 feet which apparently is about the lowest level that the Bowling Green will go out paddling.  There were several challenging spots.  The first challenge was a huge tree laying across the river where we had to lay back in our boats to get under.  Another 'fun' spot was a strainer across the river with a narrow access on the left side of the river (about 6 feet) through some other downed trees.  Actually, both of these spots were really fun for me, and probably everybody else.  There were 2-3 drops over some rocks and the water always came splashing up into my console, cockpit and onto me!  Even with all of the twists, drops, strainers - nobody flipped.  Just another great day of paddling!

Waiting for my turn to do the limbo under the fallen tree!

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