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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Yellow Creek - Bald Eagle

Yellow Creek - Bald Eagles                                                  5.7 miles
Ethan, Scotty and me
2 hours 23 minutes, Avg Speed 2.4 mph, Max Speed 4.6 mph

My last weekend - Yikes!  We look at the weather and the rain is supposed to be coming down around 3:00.  So at 11:30 we quickly load up the kayaks and head to Yellow Creek.  The river is not as raging as last weekend and we cross the Cumberland quickly.  But, Yellow Creek appears to have a much faster flow.  We paddled up almost to the fallen tree, but we noticed that the current is really strong just before the bend in the creek.  Knowing that rain may be coming down soon because we see many ominous clouds above us, we turn around.  The final lap up the creek took us 30 minutes.  When we turned around to go downstream, this same lap took 20 minutes.  So yes, the creek is flowing faster today!  It was an uneventful trip until we got close to the Cumberland River and we saw a bald eagle flying above us.  It soared and showed off for us for several minutes.  Sometimes I just love our kayaking trips!

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