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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Yellow Creek

Yellow Creek                                                                          7.6 miles          1104.2 miles total
75-82degrees, blue skies
Average Speed 2.7 mph, Max Speed 4.9 mph

Time is running short before my knee surgery so Scotty is indulging me by kayaking with me whenever possible.  Yellow Creek is nearby and our go-to paddle.  Today was windy so crossing the Cumberland was especially fun.  It felt like riding the waves on many of the waves.  We passed only a few people on Yellow Creek today.  It's still especially high, the beaver dam is still gone and there's a boat dock that we pass that's still under water.  Once again we were able to paddle over the huge tree that fell down across the creek.  Today we paddled as far as we could and got to the 'end'.  What?!  That's never happened.  We got to a place where many trees were down and we just couldn't see the creek going any further.  With the wind and the extremely still water, it seemed like a long paddle back across to the Cumberland River to our starting point.

The end.

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