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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Flint River, Mudslide

Flint River, Alabama
9.5 miles

We left Ethan's car at Hayes Nature Preserve by highway 431, then drove up to put in at
It was SO hot this day - a perfect day for a paddle.  There were a lot of people kayaking in this river.  It really is a pretty river and I enjoyed paddling it with Ethan!  :)

For the first half of the river, we passed many kayaks and canoes.  Most of these boaters were going at a very leisurely pace - many not even paddling!  And many were pulled off on the shore, wading into the water, swinging on rope swings, etc.  If you wanted to picture an American river with Americans just hanging out - this would be it.  The second half of the river after the half-way take out point was empty.  No longer were we passing other people.  The water also seemed to flow a bit slower on this half.  At one point, there was a huge tree across the river.  We noticed that the river continued around the island, but it meant walking over a small stretch of land.  We portaged our kayaks a short distance and I would have gone down a small embankment to get into my kayak.  But, Ethan suggested putting our kayaks on the banks and sliding down into the river.  So I got into my kayak on the hill and he pushed me down.  The front of my kayak went down into the river and a wall of water came up and over into my kayak.  Fun!  Fun!  Fun!  Not sure when I laughed so hard.

We got to the end and locked up our kayaks, drove up to get the truck, came back and loaded up.  Later that evening, we went to Yellowhammer's in Huntsville and had pizza and beer.  A great day with my son!

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